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Responsible for environmental protection, occupational health and safety

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Introduction:Put an end to accidents and ensure the scientific and safe development of the company
1. Environmental management 
1.1 Jinan Houde wear resistant materials Co., Ltd. has passed is014001-2004 environmental management system certification and strictly abides by the requirements of relevant laws and regulations on environmental protection, and regularly carries out three wastes detection.
1.2 environmental impact assessment was carried out according to the requirements of laws and regulations.
1.3 there is no environmental violation information since the establishment of the plant.

2. Occupational health and safety
2.1 the company has passed the examination and approval of the third level enterprise of national work safety standardization and obtained the certificate of the third level enterprise of safety production standardization.
2. 2 to formulate and implement the safety training plan to further strengthen the safety awareness of employees.
2.3 physical examination was carried out for the staff, and no abnormality was found in the physical examination items.
2.4 there is no occupational health and safety violation information since the establishment of the factory.
2.5 carry out occupational health and safety management activities. In order to further strengthen the employees' ideological understanding of safety production work, improve the safety management level of the company, enhance the safety production awareness and self-protection ability of the majority of employees, and strengthen the safety prevention awareness of the whole company, resolutely put an end to accidents and ensure the scientific development and safe development of the company; the company conducts fire fighting drills for all workshop and department personnel every quarter In addition, fire officers were hired to explain the use of fire extinguishers and fire-fighting methods to the staff. All the staff had personal experience, which truly reflected the fire-fighting policy of "prevention first, fire-fighting combination". At the same time, carry out safety training for employees, including safety management training for senior leaders and safety precautions for employees of equipment safety use training team. And for the safety training safety examination, qualified can become the company's regular employees. The company has a number of safety responsible person and safety administrator, and obtain the safety administrator certificate, and carry out safety learning and training and examination every year. Actively cooperate with the security inspection department to investigate the potential safety hazards, hire safety experts to evaluate the safety of the plant area, cooperate with the rectification according to the requirements, and try our best to provide the safest working environment for the employees.
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