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Products Wear resistant steel ball Wear resistant steel rods
Products Wear resistant steel ball Wear resistant steel rods

Wear resistant steel rod for rod mill

1: The production process adopts the self-developed fully self-developed grinding rod quenching and tempering production line, advanced temperature control device and matching heat treatment equipment, and adopts the self-developed special wear-resistant materials.

2: The production line is the most advanced quenching and tempering production line for steel bar in China. It is fully automatic. The quenching and tempering heat treatment of steel bar can realize the integrated control of microcomputer. During production, the button corresponding to different materials can be activated for automatic production. The temperature between each point in each link of the production line can be displayed and controlled at the microcomputer display screen, and the steel bar harden layer is thicker, The heat treatment of the steel bar after the production line is more uniform than that of the ordinary wear-resistant steel bar, and the hardness of each part of the steel bar is uniform, which completely eliminates the problems of different hardness and oxide scale in each part of the steel bar that has been heat-treated. The first step reduces the wear and broken rate of the steel bar.

3: The hardness of steel bar breaks through the tradition. The traditional heat treatment of steel bar is to heat up the ordinary round steel with hardness of about hrc10-15, which can directly increase the hardness or step by step to hrc45-55. However, the difference of Houde brand steel bar is that the hardness of round steel after heat treatment is directly increased to high hardness by using advanced production line, and then heat treatment technology is used again to treat hrc45-55 This is the key to high hardness, uniform hardness and continuous rolling of Houde steel bar.
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