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Products Wear resistant steel ball Wear resistant steel rods
Products Wear resistant steel ball Wear resistant steel rods

Wear resistant steel rods


At present, a small number of people in China use round steel of 65Mn, 45#, etc. as grinding rods, but after all, round steels such as 65Mn are raw material products produced by steel mills, with low hardness (about Rockwell hrc15) and poor toughness, so there are many problems when used as grinding rods

1. High wear and high consumption of steel bars lead to high production cost; < br / > 2. It is necessary to add the rod frequently and stop the machine for inspection, so the output is reduced and the quality is difficult to meet the requirements.

3. It is easy to break, bend and thin ends, and seriously affect the normal operation track of steel bar, resulting in low production efficiency.

Main features of steel bar of Houde rod mill:

1. The chemical composition is very unique, adding multi-element alloy, the steel has better steel properties. (it will not bring bad influence to users who need to remove iron by magnetic separation such as quartz sand, silica sand and feldspar);

2. The hardness is very high. Through precise control, the hardness of steel rod of rod mill is kept between hrc45-55, which is the optimal value of steel bar hardness (selected by multiple test results)

3. Strong toughness, impact resistance, no fracture, bending and other quality problems;

4. In view of the above advantages, the rod consumption is about 40% of that of the rolled round steel (the effect varies with the diameter).

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