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Houde group adheres to the contract and keeps its reputation

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Introduction:The essence of an enterprise is not honor, but responsibility and reputation
In the early stage, a customer of a mine in Jiangxi Province purchased the quenched, tempered and heat-treated wear-resistant steel bar products of our company. Due to the sudden change of steel price, the price rose by more than 400 yuan / ton. Because the customer had already declared the price to the superior, and the time for the price declaration was too long, the mine mill immediately faced with no steel bar to fill. When the customer was in trouble, chairman Hu Yanjie, chairman of Houde group, issued an instruction: "the order is maintained The original price, according to the original price to sign a contract with customers. We'd rather lose money than let our customers face greater losses caused by production stoppage. "

Although our company lost more than 20000 yuan due to the order, it gained the trust and moving of customers, which laid an unshakable foundation for long-term cooperation.

Hu Yanjie, chairman of the board of directors, recently held a meeting to give important instructions. Chairman Hu said: "the enterprise's essence is not honor, but responsibility and reputation. We should set a good example for Shandong steel ball industry, and more importantly, we should set a good example to foreign countries on behalf of Chinese enterprises."

Finally, Jinan Houde Group sincerely wishes all entrepreneurs a smooth development in the boundless Chinese soil, and show our honesty and trustworthiness to you, the whole country and the people of the world through practical actions. Let's make a contribution to building a good faith and harmonious social environment and realizing the Chinese dream of great rejuvenation!
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