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Products Wear resistant steel ball Wear resistant steel rods
Products Wear resistant steel ball Wear resistant steel rods

Wear resistant steel rods


1、 quality and performance comparison:

1. Wear resistant steel bar products have self-developed special wear-resistant steel. The raw materials purchased according to the user's requirements are also produced by the state owned special steel plant. Compared with other conventional round steels, the compactness, compression ratio, tensile strength and yield strength of the steel are improved. The properties and qualified rate of steel are guaranteed. The purchase of ordinary grinding rod is not a strict process.

2. The normal hardness of wear-resistant steel bar is hrc45-58, and that of ordinary grinding bar is hrc15-22. From the comparison of hardness index and the situation after use, the service life of wear-resistant steel bar with the same material is 120% - 140% higher than that of ordinary bar.

The straightness of the product is not less than one thousandth of the mechanical straightness. The non straightness of ordinary grinding rod is generally 10 to 30 thousandth.

4. The fracture rate of wear-resistant steel bar products is generally less than 1%. The fracture rate of common grinding rod is large (uncertain).

5. The high temperature quenching process and medium temperature tempering process of wear-resistant steel bar products change the microstructure of medium, making the gold phase transformation of grinding rod more compact and wear-resistant. The impact toughness is also improved. There is no change in the quality of ordinary grinding rod.

2. Comparison of application effect and cost:

1. The wear-resistant steel bar products have high wear resistance, which can reduce 20% of the shutdown time and increase the output by 20% compared with the ordinary steel bar. At the same time, it reduces the labor intensity of workers.

2. The good straightness of wear-resistant steel bar ensures the accuracy and fineness of the grinding materials.

3. The good impact toughness of wear-resistant steel bar ensures that the rod is not broken easily and reduces the accident and shutdown time.

4. The two ends of the wear-resistant steel bar are specially treated to ensure that the two ends are not easily ground down, and the fine end is easy to bend and fracture. Therefore, ordinary grinding rod can not overcome this defect.

5. According to the comprehensive situation of users, the cost of wear-resistant steel bar can be reduced by 35% - 40% compared with ordinary grinding bar.

3. Production process of wear-resistant steel bar:

Customized production of raw materials - Mechanical blanking - Mechanical straightening machine - high temperature heating of electric furnace - full range through quenching heat treatment - constant temperature tempering of electric furnace - comprehensive quality inspection - secondary heating and tempering treatment - performance testing - packaging and warehousing

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